Cumulative Effects Coordinator

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Kanaka Bar Indian Band
Community / Organization: 
Kanaka Bar Indian Band
Posting Date: 
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Closing Date: 
Friday, February 26, 2021
2693 Siwash Rd., PO Box 610, Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0
Job Status: 
Full Time

About Cumulative Effects Coordinator:

Kanaka Bar Indian Band understands that there are multiple stressors and cumulative effects that are influencing the natural environment that our community has depended on since time immemorial. To establish the ‘current state’ of the natural environment within our Traditional Territory, track ongoing changes over time and use the information collected to make informed decisions for our future generations, we are in process of finalizing a work program to be implemented over the next two years. The program consists of development of an ongoing monitoring and assessment program that includes both Traditional Knowledge and empirical science. The information we collect through this program will inform local decision-making in our community but also at the Federal and Provincial level when it comes to policy and resource development in and around our Traditional Territory. It will also help design, plan, and execute resilience initiatives that both help us recover from the impacts of the last 150 years and adapt to known and foreseeable changes expected in the future.

To assist us with the implementation of this work program, we are seeking a Cumulative Effects Coordinator. The successful individual will be the primary contact on this initiative and will report to Chief on a day-to-day basis. They will be responsible for implementing the work program in coordination with various experts and specialists. The Coordinator will serve as a liaison between membership, leaders, staff, consultants, government, and other collaborators to achieve the program objectives. The main activities will relate to project management, work program development and implementation, coordination, reporting and community engagement.

This is a full-time position with an immediate starting date. The Cumulative Effects Coordinator will receive a competitive starting compensation based on qualifications, experience and skill set, with additional employee benefits after the six-month probationary period according to Kanaka’s Personnel Policy. This is an opportunity to grow intellectually and work in an environment that encourages positive social change.

Role and Responsibilities:
Kanaka Bar is seeking an enthusiastic and detail-oriented person who can help implement, manage, and report on the Cumulative Effects Initiative work program. The successful individual will be responsible for understanding the work program, coordinating it, engaging and reporting on a regular basis.

More specifically the day-to-day duties will include:
• Organizing and coordinating meetings with different collaborators;
• Developing, implementing, managing, and reporting on the work plans and budgets;
• Researching and compiling information for presentations and community engagements;
• Utilizing information collected to evaluate and communicate the health of different valued ecosystem components within Traditional Territory and provide recommendations;
• Engaging leaders, government officials, membership, staff, consultants, and other relevant stakeholders to obtain their input on information collected, through meetings, workshops, and surveys;
• Communicating relevant information through presentations, reports, website and newsletters;
• Reviewing reports of major projects and developments within Traditional Territory;
• Researching and presenting recommendations on related topics;

Ideal Candidate:
The successful candidate will have a solid work ethic, passion and curiosity to do this type of assignment. They will have proven organization, writing, and communication skills with the ability to be adaptive and flexible.

More specifically, the successful candidate will:
• Be open to understanding Kanaka Bar’s history and culture;
• Have interest in cumulative effects assessment work, previous experience will be considered an asset;
• Understand the roles of Indigenous, Provincial and Federal governments with respect to land management and natural resources development;
• Be familiar with traditional land use and related studies;
• Know the value of and applicability of different ways of knowing and worldviews;
• Be open to living and adjusting in a rural environment;
• Have a degree in geography, anthropology, biology, natural resource management, environmental studies, or a related field, and be willing to share proof of same;
• Have some experience in project management, coordination and stakeholder engagement;
• Know evaluation and research processes and activities;
• Be eager to learn, stay motivated, innovate and work in teams;
• Be detail-oriented with good time management to plan, coordinate and execute work plans;
• Have a valid driver’s license and willingness to travel;
• Be competent in computers and Microsoft Office;
• Will be physically present at the office from Monday to Friday, unless required to travel for work.

Application Process: Please submit your resume and cover letter by email to by 4 p.m. on February 26, 2021. If short-listed, you will be contacted for an interview in the following weeks.
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Job Posting
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Not for profit