Tobacco and Fuel Tax Exemption Simplification Project NRFP No. ON-003531

Community / Organization: 
Ministry of Finance
Posting Date: 
Monday, August 31, 2020
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tobacco and Fuel Tax Exemption Simplification Project
NRFP No. ON-003531

The Ministry of Finance (“Ministry”) is committed to making life more affordable, improving the services people count on, and building a strong, sustainable economy that works better for everyone. To support these commitments, the Ministry has developed a range of goals, objectives, and strategies. Under the goal of sound and transparent management of government’s finances, a key strategy is to continue to implement new technology and process improvements to the tax administration system that improve the citizen experience, increase engagement with clients, enhance self-service options, and enable effective compliance and enforcement activities.

In support of this strategy, the Ministry intends to move from the current paper-based fuel and tobacco tax exemption system to an electronic exemption verification system (“Solution”) with the implementation of the following three (3) custom developed components:
1. Point-of-Sale component: a dedicated point-of-sale (“POS”) application at each in-scope Retailer will capture exempt-sale transaction details and forward them for adjudication;
2. Centrally hosted component: a new centrally hosted real time adjudication service (“RTAS”), hosted by the province, will determine whether a proposed exempt purchase is eligible and respond to the POS accordingly; and
3. Back office component: integrations to Ministry back office systems will replace manual inputs required for financial management of Retailers’ accounts, and other business functions.

This Negotiated Request for Proposals (“NRFP”) invites Proposals from Proponents for the provision of Solution Development Services, ongoing Maintenance and Support Services and Future Solution Enhancements Services (if and when requested) for the three (3) components outlined above. Accompanying Services, in support of these three services, may also be required.

The Ministry’s requirements include, but are not limited to:
• Expertise in designing, developing, supporting, and maintaining web and mobile applications, systems integrations, data base solutions, and other capabilities as listed in this NRFP;
• A track record of successful projects of size and complexity similar to the Solution; and
• Experience in application development involving First Nations or diverse and unique stakeholder groups.

Proponents should propose a highly experienced software development team comprising all necessary roles and expertise to build and support the Solution. The Ministry is looking for stability in the Team Members to minimize disruption, learning curves and risk.
The successful Proponent will be expected to work collaboratively with the Ministry, Retailers and the Ministry project director.

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