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2017 / PDF
The purpose of the Sq’ewá:lxw Environmental Management Law is to ensure that the people’s vision of a safe, prosperous, and sustainable community is obtained while caring for our land and water.The Law is applicable to the whole area of the Reserves (Skawahlook IR# 1 and Ruby Creek IR# 2), to all Band Land, to all land held under Certificate of Possession, and to members and non-members. 
Resource Producer: Sq’ewá:lxw (Skawahlook First Nation)
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2009 / PDF
This resource highlights the 96 Best Practices of Comprehensive Community Planning among First Nations. The list was compiled with the work of New Relationship Trust, as well as Beringia Community Planning, from a range of both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal sources. It covers five areas of: Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP), Governance, Land Use Planning, Consultation, and Environmental...
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): Cook, Jeff
7 months 2 weeks
2015 / PDF
Moricetown First Nation is committed to pursuing and attaining their vision of increasing energy efficiency,reducing costs and supporting economic development through renewable energy generation. This visionincludes exploring opportunities for alternative energy developments and establishing the skills andknowledge required to create jobs and become more energy independent. This Community Energy...
Resource Producer: Moricetown Band Office
8 months 1 week
2016 / PDF
HlGaagilda KilGuhlga, which translates to "Skidegate Plan", is the outcome of Skidegate Band Council's land use planning process that began in November 2014 and concluded in April 2016. The land use planning process stems out of the broader comprehensive community planning process known as Gud Ga Is. This document was created out of extensive community engagement, with the purpose of guiding all...
Resource Producer: Skidegate Band Council
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2016 / PDF
On April 18-19, 2016 the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance hosted a two-day strategic dialogue session, “The Future of Wild Salmon: Advancing a Path Forward to Informed Management and Decision-Making” in Vancouver, BC at the Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue. The session brought together over 150 delegates including First Nations leadership, technical support, non-governmental organizations, ...
9 months 2 weeks
2016 / PDF
Secret Beach is a magnificent, 62-acre ocean front property located in a pristine setting on Vancouver Island’s West Coast. The Toquaht Nation wishes to develop this property to maximize its value as a long term investment while also preserving its exceptional natural beauty. Secret Beach will be a long term legacy to the Toquaht Nation for years to come.The purpose of this report is to review...
Resource Producer: Toquaht Nation
Author(s): Sue McKitrick
9 months 3 weeks
2013 / PDF
Qualicum First Nation engaged MNP in order to enhance the organization's ability to engage with and potentially negotiate an impact benefit agreement with Compliance Coal Corporation regarding the proposed Raven Coal Mine Project. Qualicum's experience in engaging and negotiating with proponents in their traditional territory is limited. Thus, MNP was asked to consider the organization in order...
Resource Producer: Qualicum First Nation
9 months 3 weeks
2015 / Word
In light of the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2014 decision in Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia, Esk’etemc is currently considering its options for land reclamation. In order to make an informed decision regarding land-use and resource planning, Esk’etemc leadership is seeking membership opinion and vision for Esk’etemc’s future.
Resource Producer: Esketemc First Nation
10 months 1 week
2015 / PDF
The complex physiographic and oceanographic characteristics of Beecher Bay, and its direct exchange of waters and influences from the adjacent Juan de Fuca Strait, make this area particularly well-suited to aquaculture, offering conditions that are optimal for the production of a variety of anadromous and marine fish, invertebrates, and marine kelps and seaweeds. The geography and physical...
Author(s): Stephen F. Cross, Ph.D.
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2016 / PDF
Modern planning is ongoing at Seabird island. Formal planning for the Seabird Island Comprehensive Sustainable  Community Plan (CSCP) began in 2008, and has continued until 2014. In the meantime, many other plans were developed and implemented throughout the community.
Resource Producer: Seabird Island