BC Election

Green Party and NDP Reach Agreement to Work Together

May 29, 2017

Green Party leader, Andrew Weaver, and NDP leader, John Horgan, reached an agreement for the Green Party to support the NDP in the legislature after British Columbia's election night ended without a definitive result.

Newly Elected British Columbia Officials Include Four Indigenous Candidates

May 10, 2017

The recent election in British Columbia resulted in the election of four Indigenous candidates.

5 days before the election in BC.  Will there be a new Premier at the helm?  After 16 years of the Liberals in power we certainly need a new direction, a new Premier, one who will truly care about the people and the richness of the lands and waters we have.

For those of you who didn't have the time to read my 5 blogs on the BC Election, I have done a quick chart comparing the 7 issues that I mentioned in my first blog and other items of note.

The Green Party has become a going concern in BC and has attracted many quality candidates like Andrew Weaver and has a reputable First Nations Candidate Adam Olsen in the Saanich North and the Islands riding.

NDP have good Principles for First Nations, but what will the action be?

 BC is now officially in campaign mode. Who will be the next Premier and lead this province for the next 4 years? NDP has been ahead in the polls, political pundits like Vaughn Palmer says that it is not in the bag yet.