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5 days before the election in BC.  Will there be a new Premier at the helm?  After 16 years of the Liberals in power we certainly need a new direction, a new Premier, one who will truly care about the people and the richness of the lands and waters we have.

Federal Budget will Dedicate Funds to Sustainable Energy for Indigenous Communities

February 10, 2017

CBC news learned that the upcoming federal budget is expected to include $50 million to help remote communities develop renewable energy sources and eliminate their dependence on expensive and polluting diesel.

Billions of dollars have been invested and thousands of jobs in BC have been created through the development, construction and operations of Clean Energy Projects(CEP).

This Opinion Piece ran in the Vancouver Sun today September 11, 2014, the paper version, Section B page B7 but was not available electronically so I am reproducing it here. 

Alternative Energy Gathering - Advancing First Nations Participation in the Renewable Energy Sector

A Power Point presentation discussing the mandate and purpose of the First Nations Energy and Mining Council, Alternative Energy success stories and the importance of partnerships in energy policy.

Alternative Energy Gathering - Save with Power Smart

A Power Point presentation by BC Hydro Power Smart regarding Energy Saving Kits and Energy Conservation Assistance Programs.