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Election Reflections

The snap election in BC has come and gone. While final results won’t be known for a few weeks, it will be an NDP government. Lessons learned?

The election was an opportunity to air the grievances of what had not been done or done properly by the NDP government. Now it is time to change the way things were going or continue on at a faster pace or to make decisions.

When the BC Government unanimously passed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) on November 26, 2019, First Nations in the province were excited and anticipated a new era.

On being Indigenous. Thinking Indigenous.

I love being Indigenous. I don’t need Indigenous Peoples day to celebrate it, I live it.

On the first day of this new decade, I reflect on what progress has been made on Indigenous Rights and Title in the past decade and what the new decade may have in store. 

Creator (Nass, God, Heavenly Father)  

 What do you see when you look down upon the magnificent world you created for us as peoples?

It was a historic day when the BC legislature unanimously passed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (UNDRIPA).  Then the Lieutenant Governor gave it royal assent a few days later.

The BC Government and BC Hydro are undertaking a Phase 2 Review of BC Hydro with the purpose of exploring global energy sectors shifts and provincial strategies that could transform the way BC Hydro does business. . Phase 1 was an internal review.

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