Consequences to Kinder Morgan TMX Approval

 K is for Killing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion (TMX) project

I is for Indigenous people who have not given their consent to TMX

N is for Noxious gases and substances that will be released into the air, earth & water by TMX

D is for the Destruction of First Nations rights, land and water caused by TMX

E is for the Environment and all the precious Ecosystems we must protect from TMX

R is for the regulatory system that was stripped by Harper and used anyway by Trudeau


M is for the Momentum building against Trudeau’s government and the approval of TMX

O is for the Orcas that need to be saved not extinguished by TMX

R is for the Reinforcements that will come and stand with those that are protecting the land and water

G is for the Gains Alberta and Kinder Morgan will make but no one else

A is for All those who stand united against Kinder Morgan TMX

N is for No to Kinder Morgan TMX and ensuring it never gets developed


Since the announcement of the approval of Kinder Morgan on November 29, 2016, there have been many criticisms and actions against the decision.

Economists are talking that the price to buy this product is not high enough and the industry cannot be sustained.

Scientists and environmentalists all know that you can’t increase greenhouse gases and still meet the Paris Agreement commitments and the 157 conditions don’t help.

Washington State officials are not satisfied with the oil recovery plan and are very concerned for the quality of their water. We haven't heard the last from them.

 Protests have been held in Vancouver, Victoria and Comox and more are planned including Salt Spring Island this weekend. Protests have only just begun and will only intensify.

More lawsuits are being pulled together and the project will be tied up in the courts for many years to come. It is an all out assault on the decision to go ahead with Kinder Morgan TMX.

Emotions ran high as Minister Jim Carr told the Calgary Chamber of Commerce that the army would be used if there was civil disobedience.  He has now publicly apologized for those remarks but the fact is that using the army must have been contemplated as it was top of his mind.

Liberal MPs have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision. Hedy Fry and Joyce Murray are two of them.  They know their ridings are at risk in the next election. It is always great to see people being brave enough to go up against their party based on what they campaigned on and will speak on behalf of the people who put them in that position to begin with.

Rachel Notley flew into BC with the confidence of the federal government decision behind her thinking she can change the minds of British Columbians.  Her greatest priorities are creating new jobs to replace the loss of 60,000 plus jobs in the oil industry and to improve the Alberta economy.  She acknowledges First Nations right to be consulted but insists there is no veto and she acknowledges the coast is important to BC but dismisses them as issues that have been addressed.  She laughed on CBC radio On The island program when asked if she would accept Green Party leader Andrew Weaver’s invite to a public debate on Kinder Morgan.  Said she only talks to her counter parts. Here is a woman that wants to convince BC that Kinder Morgan is good for us, and she won’t spend time with a respected MLA and probably won’t talk with grassroots and certainly not the Chiefs. If she wants to convince BC about the so called merits of this project, it is the people she needs to talk to.

People have been inspired and empowered by what has happened at Standing Rock. The reaction has been unprecedented as people fight for water.  It has been amazing watching the way the protectors have been treated by police enforcement, by the large array of people who came to support them and the significant cultural occurrences with the buffalo and eagles.  Right now, they have achieved what they set out to do as long as Trump doesn’t change the new direction.  People intend to replicate the Standing Rock situation here in BC and we now know it can be done.

Autumn Peltier, a 12 year old at the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) meeting In Ottawa AFN gave Trudeau a bundle of water and asked him to look after the water and he said he would.  He obviously doesn’t understand the grave responsibility that came with the water bundle or he would have went running the other way.

Also at the AFN Meeting, Trudeau meeting the Chiefs in Ottawa reiterated he is committed to rebuilding relationships based on mutual respect and partnership.  I am surprised the Chiefs didn’t stand and boo him and call him two faced.  I am surprised they let him in the room.  He has made it clear he doesn’t want to rebuild relationship with First Nations and he certainly has no respect for First Nations by consenting to destroy what is important to them through mega developments like  Site C, Kinder Morgan, Pacific North West LNG and Line 3.  He cannot make such devastating decisions and think that Chiefs believe him. He has been called many things by First Nations leaders including a liar, and a betrayer of his promises. He has no credibility in some First Nations circles. 

The impacts of the Kinder Morgan decision are reverberating around British Columbia and around the world.  People are determining what they can do to have this project killed, just as Enbridge’s Northern gateway Project was. Trudeau is up against children, grandmothers, mothers, elders, leaders and people from all Nations and communities.  He has taken on the heart of the people and it will be a big battle until Kinder Morgan TMX is no longer. Continual action against TMX will escalate until First Nations and people in BC ensure this pipeline does not proceed and what is invaluable to many is protected and secure.

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