O Canada, Your Home's on Native Land

O Canada, Your Home's on Native Land...

Sweet words, words that reflect the true situation of Canada and certainly words that I sing.

Canada was built on First Nations lands and became wealthy off First Nation resources. First Nations were displaced off their territories and put on reserves and many are living in third world conditions.  Canada took lands and resources without any compensation to First Nations and without legal right to do so. This remains unresolved.

As First Nations we have a responsibility to the lands, waters and resources.  Our priority is our lands and resources as we draw our governance, culture, spirituality and food from them.  O Canada, settling with First Nations title and rights is not a priority with you and there continues to be a clash of values over what is important in our lands.

O Canada, your home’s on Native Land.

Canada would mean something to me if there was acknowledgement that aboriginal title exists in BC and it is not up to the First Nations to prove this as it was Canada that took our lands without war, treaty, or discovery. 

Canada would mean something to me if the province of BC was sharing revenues based on aboriginal title not on their need for jobs, revenues and need to get re-elected.

O Canada, our home on Native Land

Canada Day would make me feel a part of Canada if the federal government was really serious about implementing the Universal Declaration on Indigenous Rights and FPIC in the true spirit of UNDRIP and not using weasel words like “within the Constitution of Canada.”

Canada Day would make me feel a part of Canada if Canada and the provinces lived up to free, Prior and Informed Consent from First Nations before any development was commenced. Consent for Site C, pipelines and tankers, LNG and fracking especially from the First Nations where the resources is sourced and the LNG facility is placed before shipping across the ocean.

O Canada, our home on Native Land

O Canada you would make me feel a part of Canada if First Nations did not have to fight for everything that is important to us. Fighting in the courts, on the land, and in public forums.  Fighting for our sacred sites to be undisturbed, fighting for maintaining our way of life and lands that are not impaired in whole or in part by development so that we can continue to exercise our rights. Fighting to prove our strength of Claim in our territories when BC refuses to look at our oral evidence and looks only to ethnographers who have messed up our histories. O Canada think of how using that energy to fight could be put to better use in positive actions to build our communities.

O Canada, our children our raised knowing that they must be equipped with the knowledge, oratory skills, language, values and responsibility to join the fight as their ancestors did before them.

O Canada, our home on Native Land.

Our missing and murdered women held dear their homelands and future on those lands within their families and communities.  O Canada, preventing violence and having these women from going missing has not happened and every day more women go missing.

Our children are taken from our homes and communities and then not given enough money for them to be treated equally with other children in the same situation. O Canada, our children are our future and need to be respected as such. 

O Canada, our home on Native Land

First Nations people will not go away, will not stop defending our lands, waters and resources and will use whatever is necessary to protect what is ours. We are only getting stronger.

 O Canada, your efforts made to improve the situation of the lives of indigenous peoples is not enough. We are centuries behind and it is hard to catch up.

O Canada, you must walk the talk, words are not enough to change the situation First Nations people live with every day.

O Canada, determining our future is our responsibility, paternalism, colonialism, racism, must be eradicated from your laws, policies, education, history and above all actions. O Canada-while you think on changing these “isms” I will be thinking and acting on rebuilding, resurgence and empowering our Nations

 O Canada, on this day that you celebrate the birth of your Nation, remember that our Nations have been around since time immemorial.

 On this day that you celebrate the birth of your Nation remember that your Nation is not whole until there is justice, reconciliation and healing with First Nations people. 

O Canada, your Home's on Native Land and it is time to act on that.

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