Yesterday, I was preparing to go the Victoria, IdleNoMore Rally and March being put on by the Native Student Union of UVIC and the First Nations Student Assocation of Camosun College when these words came to me and I quickly typed them into my Iphone and wanted to share them here...


The beat of the drum calls me

The song in my heart sings out for a better life for my people

The eagles soar above showing us we can do it

The bears bring us the medicines we need to be strong and rise above negativity

The beauty of the mountains and waters remind us that Mother Earth is worth fighting for

The ancestors walk with us, sing with us and support us with the cause that they began and we carry on

The warrior spirit in me rises to the call and I am ready. Always ready.

We have a place in this world and soon the world will know it.

Sing a song, speak out, act and answer the call of the drum to be Idle No More




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