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How much energy does BC need to be electricity self-sufficient in five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Predicting how much electricity BC will need is based on many things like population growth, consumption needs, increase of business and industries that consume large amounts of power.

I am not trying to be skeptical, I really am.  But does anyone know what was accomplished at this most important occasion?  From what I was able to see from the live webcast, there were some truly excellent speeches and from what I have read

In the last session of the Legislature, Bill S-6 was introduced into the Senate and given first reading. It is making its way through the processes of Parliament and may be passed by the end of this year’s sitting-by the end of June 2012.


The end of one year and the start of a new year gives a person reason to think carefully over what the highlights and accomplishments of the year were on First Nations rights.

Relax, We Know What’s Best for You

Here we go again, another “non native” solution to another native problem. 

On Thursday, November 10, 2011, The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Law Kw’alaams Indian Band was not a trading people and had no commercial right to harvest and sell all varieties of fish in a modern commercial fishery within their territory.

As discussed in an earlier blog, the BC Supreme Court had ruled that Halalt had not been properly consulted by BC and put on hold a $6 million project that was built by the District of North Cowichan. BC and the District decided to appeal the decision.


The month of September was one in which the economy dominated the news. The stock market plunged, the Canadian Dollar was devalued and unemployment was rising. Some European countries continue to be in dire, dramatic straits.

Ok, here’s how it’s going to go...I am going to complain about some stuff as I normally do, point out a some glaring inconsistencies, then I am going offer up a few suggestions and you are just going sit there and let it all marinate in your skull for a while.....just kidding, although I think mo

In March of 2010, Halalt carried out a protest over the aquifer under their reserve that was going to be utilized by the District of North Cowichan.

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