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Impact and Benefit Agreements: A Contentious Issue for Environmental and Aboriginal Justice

Impact and benefit agreements (IBAs) have become a common part of a standard package of agreements negotiated between an industrial proponent and a representative aboriginal organization.  Among other things, IBAs recognize aboriginal peoples’ interests with the land and parallel more broadly with

First Nations Mining Protocols & Agreements

Materials you will find in the shared documents:

1. Introduction

2. Mining Protocol developed by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLP

3. Agreements drafted by Bull, Housser and Tupper LLP

Resource Producer: 
First Nations Energy and Mining Council (FNEMC)
First Nations Energy and Mining Council (FNEMC)

List: Post-Secondary Education Options for Mining Careers - Mining Industry Human Resources Council

This document contains lists of the educational options for people wishing to pursue a career or further their education in the mining industries.  Lists are by specialization and contain what educational institutes offer courses and the degree that is offered.