Art auction aims to get food truck for Winnipeg's Bannock Lady

Monday, January 19, 2015
CBC News

Art auction aims to get food truck for Winnipeg's Bannock Lady

'I am just really inspired to keep growing, to keep moving forward,' says Althea Guiboche

CBC News Posted: Jan 16, 2015 1:42 PM CT Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015 5:20 PM CT

Althea Guiboche


Althea Guiboche, better known as Winnipeg's Bannock Lady, has set her sights on helping the city's homeless in a bigger, warmer, way.

She is hoping to raise enough money to buy a food truck, which can then deliver the bannock and soup fresher and warmer to those who need it.

“Like a bannock catering business. Bannock burgers maybe, keep it simple, but you know people want that,” said Guiboche. “There is no bannock burger outlet out there yet.” 

To help out, artist Jackie Traverse is organizing  'Got Art?' an art auction fundraiser. The March 22 event is being held at the Thunderbird House on Main Street.

"This woman is so giving," said Traverse. "I want to be like her in some way and do what I can to help the community."

Traverse will donate two original pieces, while many others will also be featured, including Patrick Ross, Arlea Ashcroft, Victor Tssessaze, and Ernie Cobiness, son of late Eddie Cobiness, who is one of the Native Group of Seven.

"We are planning to have over 20 different artists work at the art auction and up to 40 paintings and art in other mediums will be up for bid," Traverse said in a Facebook post. "I believe as a community we can come together and look after our own."

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  • Traverse said every artist she has asked has agreed to help out with the project.

    "It shows that we care about our own," said Traverse. "It's about time we look after our own and I am really proud of that."

    On Feb. 1, Guiboche will mark the second anniversary of her Got Bannock? charity. And it hasn't been easy.

    "It has been a struggle using kitchens around the north end and also standing outdoors in –45 weather to feed and clothe the people," Traverse posted on Facebook. "A food truck would make it so much easier and she would be able to feed more people in areas needed across the city."

    Guiboche, who was once homeless, has become well known as an advocate for the impoverished.

    "When I went homeless I felt forgotten by society. For me, that is the worst feeling in the world and I want to do everything I can to make the people on the street feel that they are not forgotten and I care that they are out there," she said. "I am going to do everything I can to advocate for them and help bring change for them.

    In that spirit of philanthropy, Guiboche said once her food truck gets off the ground, for every customer who buys a meal for themselves she will donate one meal to a person in need.

    "I am just really inspired to keep growing, to keep moving forward, to keep inspiring other people to do this."

    Got Bannock is now a registered non-profit.

    Guiboche said donations can be made to Got Bannock Inc. at Median Credit Union.

    Guiboche said her Bannock mobile will not only seek to feed the hungry, but also to remind society that homelessness remains an important issue.


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