Skwxwú7mesh language used in interactive animated storybook

Thursday, September 5, 2013
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When mischievous Lily sneaks out of bed, her Mooshum (grandfather) shares a cautionary tale filled with foreboding dark surprises. Join Lily and Thomas on a new adventure filled with touch interactivity, music, color, and sound. Beautiful narration and voice acting guide you through this magical world.

"The Story of Kalkalilh" is an interactive animated storybook experience that transports children into a new world and reinforces valuable life lessons. Kalkalilh is based on the oral traditions of the Skwxwú7mesh and predates many of the cannibal women stories of European folklore. Children can follow along in English, French, Spanish, or even the original Skwxwú7mesh language and learn more about the cultural traditions of this First Nations People.

The Story of Kalkalilh has elements of a classic fairytale, like that of Hansel and Gretel. Parents are advised that the presence of a villainous character might be a little scary for sensitive children.

- Touch, tilt & slide to bring the story to life
- New and original story world
- Charming and humorous narration
- Inspired by traditional Indigenous languages & histories
- Learn vocabulary and language: English, French, Spanish, and Squamish
- Educational word highlighting and definitions for young readers
- Optimized for iPhone 5 & Retina Display

View official Press Release: here

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