First Nations Technology Council


The First Nations Technology Council (the Technology Council) was created by First Nation communities in British Columbia and endorsed by the First Nations Summit in 2002, to complete specific technology related objectives on behalf of the 203 First Nation communities.

Vision Statement

"Empowering First Nations to revitalize and unite communities through technology and innovation"


Our Mandate
"The Mandate of the First Nations Technology Council is to support the technology needs of First Nations in BC by engaging in activities to implement or enhance access to and use of technology services such as Connectivity, Capacity-Building, Information Management and Technology Support and Services, and others as directed by First Nations in BC and the BC First Nations Leadership."


This mandate has been endorsed by the First Nations Summit Society, the Union of BC Chiefs, and the BC Assembly of First Nations


Our Goals
The Four Goals of the Technology Council are:


1. To support the number of First Nations communities accessing high or higher speed connectivity.


2. To increase the digital literacy of First Nations individuals and communities to ensure they benefit fully from technology.


3. To work with First Nations communities to determine their unique information management needs and to partner with qualified companies or agencies to develop appropriate programs and software to meet these needs.


4. To provide First Nations communities with technology support as close to them as possible and in a format that meets them at their technical literacy level.




Telephone Number: 
Mailing Address: 
1108-100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC V7

Latest Opportunities

Advisor, First Nations Relations

Ministry of Forests
April 8, 2022

Executive Director, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship
April 7, 2022

Aboriginal Support Worker

District Principal Aboriginal Program
April 7, 2022