Gitsegukla Band


We are the Gitsegukla First Nation. In the Gitxsan language, Gitsegukla translates to “people living under the precipice” or more specifically, under the “Segukla” otherwise known as the “sharp-pointed” mountain.

With a population of about 500, our community sits at the confluence of the Kitseguecla and Skeena Rivers, approximately 40 km southwest of Hazelton, British Columbia. If we had to describe our community in two words, it’d be quiet and scenic. Being situated in the heart of the Skeena Valley, we are surrounded by the natural landscapes that our ancestors have lived off of for generations.

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710 Ray Charles Ave
Gitsegukla, BC V0J 2J3

Latest Opportunities

Advisor, First Nations Relations

Ministry of Forests
April 8, 2022

Executive Director, Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship
April 7, 2022

Aboriginal Support Worker

District Principal Aboriginal Program
April 7, 2022