Maiyoo Keyoh Society


The purposes of Maiyoo Keyoh Society is:

  1. To serve as a legal entity to represent and communicate the interests of the Keyoh Holder (Hahul) the Maiyoo Keyoh is a 22,000 hectare area of land east of Fort St. James for countless generations title is held by Hahul, the family head, a name that is passed on from generation to generation. Hahul is the holder of the aboriginal title to the lands and resources within the Maiyoo Keyoh territory.
  2. To facilitate as the aboriginal title holders of the land and resources of our Keyoh, negotiate any potential sale, lease or other use of these lands and resources directly with the BC Ministry of Forests, other government agencies, forest companies and other resource users.
  3. To promote and facilitate the protection of all cultural heritage resources.
  4. To negotiate the restoration of cultural heritage resources that have been damaged.
  5. To facilitate the Maiyoo Keyoh’s goals for cultural heritage through policies developed by Maiyoo Keyoh and consultation protocols negotiated between Maiyoo Keyoh and relevant government agencies, government laws or policies and that other governments acknowledge and comply with this first nation group’s policies.

 Contact email:

Telephone Number: 
250 305-7092
Mailing Address: 
5707 Cranbrook Hill Road
Prince George, BC V2M 7C6

Latest Opportunities

Aboriginal Support Worker

November 26, 2021

Associate Vice President, Indigenous Education and Engagement

Vancouver Island University
November 23, 2021

Executive Director

Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
October 13, 2021