Tale'awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation


Tale’awtxw Aboriginal Capital Corporation (TACC) was established in April 1992 by the Tale’awtxw Economic Development Association (TEDA) commissioners. The TEDA Commissioners were chosen from amongst the various Coast Salish Nations and the UNN in order to form and govern TACC. It was Dennis Alphonse, one of the founding Directors from Cowichan who suggested the name the Tale’awtxw, which in Halq’emeylem means “money house”.

TACC is mandated by the 54 Coast Salish Nations to provide Small Business Financing and support services to Aboriginals (Status Indians, Metis and UNN members) within traditional Coast Salish Territory, as well as Campbell River, Comox, and Lil’wat. TACC has supported the success of over a thousand Aboriginals businesses throughout the Coast Salish Nation territories since 1992.


Tacc will provide high quality innovative lending and support services that respect Coast Salish values, while promoting the role of entrepreneurs towards sustainable economic development for all Aboriginal people.


TACC is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors which includes two members represented by Tale`awtxw Economic Development Association (TEDA) Commissioners.

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April 13, 2021