Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP)


Our vision for our people: Economic Self-reliance."

Since its inception, TRICORP has contributed to the prosperity and self-reliance at the individual and community level by providing business loans totalling $24.2 million (to January 21, 2008). TRICORP continues to support First Nations’ economic development.

Revolving loan fund for Native Businesses

Established in 1990 as an Aboriginal Capital Corporation, TRICORP administers a revolving loan fund which is operated to be self-supporting. Principal repayments return to the fund for re-lending, while interest on the loan portfolio is used to provide necessary administrative services.

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P.O. Box 339
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3P9

Latest Opportunities

Director of Pharmacy

First Nations Health Authority
April 21, 2021

Labour Relations Advisor

First Nations Health Authority
April 20, 2021

CEO - Programs and Services

Kanaka Bar Indian Band
Kanaka Bar Indian Band
April 13, 2021