Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP)


Our vision for our people: Economic Self-reliance."

Since its inception, TRICORP has contributed to the prosperity and self-reliance at the individual and community level by providing business loans totalling $24.2 million (to January 21, 2008). TRICORP continues to support First Nations’ economic development.

Revolving loan fund for Native Businesses

Established in 1990 as an Aboriginal Capital Corporation, TRICORP administers a revolving loan fund which is operated to be self-supporting. Principal repayments return to the fund for re-lending, while interest on the loan portfolio is used to provide necessary administrative services.

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P.O. Box 339
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3P9

Latest Opportunities

Senior Medical Officer, Population Health (Term)

First Nations Health Authority
July 3, 2020

Community Relations Representative (Term)

First Nations Health Authority
July 2, 2020

Clinical Nurse Specialist, TB Surveillance

First Nations Health Authority
July 4, 2020