Xats’ull First Nation (Soda Creek Indian Band)


The Xatśūll First Nation is a member of the Great Secwepemc Nation, once known as the people of Xatśūll (on the cliff where the bubbling water comes out).

Xatśūll (Hat'sull) is the northern most Shuswap tribe of the Secwepemc Nation, which is the largest Nation within the interior of BC.  The Xatśūll have stewarded territory ranging from the Coast Mountains to the west, east to the Rocky Mountains.  Use of the land brought about contact with neighboring peoples. 

The Xatśūll were known to celebrate and war with the neighboring Chilcotin Nation but were always wary of the Cree.  There was a good relationship with the southern Carrier who referred to the Shuswap as the 'Atnah' meaning, "to live in underground dwellings".  Inter-marriages between neighboring communities was an important survival strategy, for failure of the annual salmon could result in starvation or migration and these relations could be relied on to share hunting and fishing territories. 

As with many other First Nations, the Xatśūll Nation followed a hunting and gathering lifestyle centered in family groups and focused on the Fraser River and the salmon.  Patterns of land use were at harmony with the natural processes.

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