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2013 / Word and PowerPoint
Communities can use these combined resources to examine the Stz'uminus First Nation's approach to community engagement and impact & benefit agreements to gain knowledge and insight that will inform the process and development of their own community engagement and impact & benefit agreements.The Impact Benefit Tool contains the following sections:Scope of management approachNatural...
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2010 / PDF
The document that is before you is the result of the work of countless people. Many First Nation or Aboriginal individuals and organizations have worked tirelessly to advance mechanisms for the recognition and protection of Aboriginal rights and title in Canada generally, and First Nation participation in environmental assessment specifically.
Author(s): First Nations Environmental Assessment Technical Working Group
2 years 9 months
2015 / PDF
Kwiakah First Nation (KFN) - represented by its development corporation Saaiyouck - worked with EcoFish Research and Discovery Island Tourism Inc. (DIT) on the development of a Phillips Watershed and Estuary Marine Evaluation Report and the presentation of the research results in negotiations with the BC provincial government and industry stakeholders in Phillips Arm.
Resource Producer: Kwiakah First Nation
10 months 2 weeks
2017 / PDF
Several resources from SAY Lands Office surrounding business permitting, applications, and fees. These resources include a business permit guide to the approval process for SAY Lands that gives applicants an overview of the process of applying for a business permit, permit application forms, and an appendix listing business permit fees. 
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2016 / Word
Skowkale, Aitchelitz and Yakweakwioose (SAY) Development Permits, Applications, and Sample Response Letters. 
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2016 / PDF
The purpose of this Zoning Law is to promote healthy, sustainable and compatible land use and development on Skowkale Lands in accordance with the Land Code and the Land Use Plan that was adopted by Skowkale in Fall 2013.
Resource Producer: Sq’ewqéyl (Skowkale First Nation)
11 months 2 days
2017 / PDF
As part of the Nisga'a Village of Gitwinksihlkw Official Community Plan, this project is the cornerstone of the Aboriginal Tourism strategy for the Village. Its overarching title is the Gitwinksihlkw Main Street Experience. It embraces the Welcome House & Suspension Bridge, the Nass River FishWheels, the Sasak Hill Trails & River Walk, and eventually, upgrades to the Ts'oohl Ts'ap...
Resource Producer: Nisga’a Village of Gitwinksihlkw
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2016 / PDF
The Yunesit’in, Tl’esqox, and Xeni Gwet’in Communities, supported by Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) Chiefs and staff, are leading the effort to build a cumulative effects (CE) program for the Nation that will address the following components:Assess the risks to our core values - what is most at risk so where do we need to focus our attention?
Resource Producer: Xeni Gwet'in First Nations Government