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3 years 11 months
2011 /
This handbook is a tool to help you help yourself. The purpose of sharing the handbook is to provide you (the reader) with information, tools, and resources to help you make informed decisions about your relationship with money.As our elders have taught us, when we are learning, it is important to look at the past, present, and future. We need to acknowledge our past and understand how it...
Resource Producer: Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC
Author(s): Nene Kraneveldt
1 year 7 months
2016 / Word
The Operational Plan is a standardized tool prepared by directors and managers to manage activities, including reporting requirements and policies, procedures, forms to be completed or revised, for all Kwantlen First Nation (KFN) government areas and departments. The three current government areas managed by KFN Chief and Council (Council) and directors are Governance, Finance/Administration, and...
Resource Producer: Kwantlen First Nation
2 years 2 months
2014 / PDF
The Socio-Economic Scan undertaken by Boston Bar First Nation (BBFN) is part of a larger community consultation and research project to develop a better understanding of the local and regional economy and to assist the Boston Bar First Nation to develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan.The intent of the Socio-Economic Scan is to provide the foundation for economic development planning for...
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): Boston Bar First Nation
4 years 3 weeks
2010 / Excel
This is a fillable excel workbook that can assist in making a financial plan for a business.  Includes a glossary of accounting terms and a user guide to help you through the process. Spreadsheet is already set up with formulas to carry your calculations and help complete the form with ease.