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2 years 4 months
2015 / PDF
The purpose of this guide is to help you through the journey of negotiating a municipal service agreement. It will tell you how to prepare for the journey, the places that will be visited along the way, and ways of overcoming some of the challenges that you may encounter.
Resource Producer: Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council
4 years 1 month
2012 /
"The purpose of the rent-to-own housing program for the Moricetown Band is to provide band members with accommodation that meets health, safety and minimum property standards. This housing policy ensures that housing assistance is made available to band members in a fair and equitable manner and will benefit the community as a whole."The creation of this document was funded by the New...
Resource Producer: Moricetown Band Office
4 years 1 month
2012 / Word
This housing policy outlines the rules and regulations by which this service will be provided. The creation of this document was funded by the New Relationship Trust. This document can be used as a template for other communities to use and customize to fit their needs.
Resource Producer: Sekw'el'was (Cayoose Creek Band)
6 months 4 days
2017 / PDF
Posters, Brochures and Websites from Speak Out Youth Group.
Author(s): Adoptive Families Association of BC
6 months 1 week
2017 / Word doc
Homalco First Nation's 2016 Direct Support Report submitted to New Relationship Trust.
Resource Producer: Homalco First Nation
6 months 1 week
2016 / PDF, Word doc
Sts'ailes Band 2016 Direct Support report submitted to New Relationship Trust.
Resource Producer: Sts’ailes Nation (Chehalis Indian Band)
6 months 1 week
2017 / PDF
Skidegate Band Council's 2016 Direct Support Project submitted to New Relationship Trust.
Resource Producer: Skidegate Band Council
6 months 3 weeks
2017 / PDF
Musqueam Band 2016 direct support project.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
10 months 2 weeks
2017 / Word
Template policy surrounding supporting citizens of the nations through unforeseen hardships and the accompanying forms. 
Resource Producer: Toquaht Nation
10 months 4 weeks
2016 / PDF
This report is a summary of the N’Quatqua Governance Capacity Development project. The first section provides a description of the project components undertaken by the consultant to the project. The second section is a discussion of key findings. The third section contains recommendations for Chief and Council. The final section is the appendix containing materials generated for this project.
Resource Producer: N’Quatqua First Nations