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3 years 1 month
2016 / PDF
The results from the Stz'uminus First Nation survey for the Economic Development Plan submitted to New Relationship Trust
Resource Producer: Stz'uminus First Nation
3 years 1 month
2016 / PDF
The purpose of the Coast Salish Development Corporation 20-Year Economic Development Strategy is to outline aplan for growing the profit-making businesses of the CSDC over the next two decades. The plan updates Vision2020, the first economic development strategy developed by CSDC in 2009.
Resource Producer: Stz'uminus First Nation
3 years 1 month
2016 / Word
The application from the Kitsumkalum Band for direct support from New Relationship Trust
Resource Producer: Kitsumkalum Band Council
3 years 1 month
2016 / PDF
In 2015, the Kitselas issued a public request for proposal (RFP) to update the existing5-Year Development Plan and create a new 5-Year Economic Development Plan. TheCastlemain Group (CMG) was the successful bidders on the RFP submitting a proposalwhich clearly outlined the firm’s experience and expertise, and a methodologyresponsive to the Kitselas needs.
Resource Producer: Kitselas First Nation
3 years 2 months
2014 / PDF
This is the Northeast BC Major Projects Inventory for December 2014. It covers topics like Project Name, type, nearest city, and developer, among other topics. It has start and end dates, and a brief description of the proposed project. 
Resource Producer: Doig River First Nation
3 years 9 months
2015 / PDF
The purpose of this booklet is to set out the Land Development Procedures on Shxwhá:y Village Reserve land for developers, interest-holders, residents and other persons with interests in Shxwhá:y Village Lands. 
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
3 years 10 months
2014 / PDF
Community economic development offers a significant amount of potential benefit toSoowahlie.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): Castlemain Group
4 years 1 week
2005 / PDF
The title for this session is Principled – Interest Based Negotiations. I am going to speak on maximizing your power for such negotiations. My talk will focus on six points.
Author(s): By David Robbins, L.L.B., Woodward & Company
4 years 2 weeks
2008 / PDF
“Capacity Building”. Everyone is talking about it. Sometimes it seems like it is the latest buzz word. Usually it is used in the context of “we need to build capacity”. Sometimes it is used as an excuse for inaction like “they don’t have the capacity”. Does capacity building unfairly target First Nations? Trying to define it seems like trying to pin Jell-O to the wall. And yet, the concept has...
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
5 years 6 months
2010 /
What you will find inside this document:Executive Summary........... 2 Community Consultation ............ 3 Community Profile ........................ 5Visioning................ 7SWOT Analysis........ 8 Opportunities ......... 9 Cluster 1: Agriculture / Agro forestry ........ 9 Agriculture ................. 9 Agro Forestry .................. 10 Cluster 2: Forest Tenures & Contracting...
Resource Producer: ?Esdilagh First Nation (Alexandria Indian Band)