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3 years 5 months
2018 / PDF
Final documentation of a Trail and Recreation Plan for the Boston Bar First Nations. 
Resource Producer: Boston Bar First Nation
Author(s): Boston Bar First Nation
3 years 6 months
2017 / PDF
Documentation of the process and deliverables in creating the Tseshaht First Nation's Comprehensive Community Plan.
Resource Producer: Tseshaht First Nation
Author(s): Tseshaht First Nation
3 years 6 months
2018 / PDF
Chawathil-Ts'qo strategy development, planning and follow through for their Economic Development Corporation.
Resource Producer: Chawathil First Nation
Author(s): Chawathil First Nation
3 years 6 months
2018 / PDF
Yuestit’in updated their 2014 Economic Development Plan, to align it with community priorities, and begin developing a foundation of governance to meet economic and employment challenges.
Resource Producer: Yunesit’in Government
3 years 8 months
2017 / Website
This toolkit provides information on meeting requirements set out in Section 83 of the Indian Act, which enables First Nations governments to establish property taxation laws in their communities, and supports the development of sound fiscal policies and by-laws.Please visit the link below for the most up-to-date information, provided by the First Nations Tax Commission:
Resource Producer: First Nations Tax Commission
Author(s): First Nations Tax Commission
3 years 10 months
2008 / PDF
A paper which considers opportunities for First Nations communities to implement taxation policies in the interests of sovereignty and self-determination. Includes discussions on Canadian tax policy, current gaps in First Nations tax policy, municipal jurisdiction, and income tax exemption. Research Paper for the National Centre for First Nations Governance.
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): James Hopkins
4 years 12 months
2016 / PDF
This resource, The 7 C's: A First Nations’ Guide to Planning and Reporting Standards, highlights seven areas of planning and reporting:Culture and languagesCommunity driven, Nation-basedCommunity engagementCommunicationCollaborationConnectionCommitmentIt aims to bring forward emerging standards associated with planning and reporting in First Nations communities.
5 years 12 months
2014 / PDF
This Financial Policy is designed to:a. Regulate the receipt, management and expenditure of TG funds;b. Provide all TG employees with direction and guidance in connection with TG accounting transactions, procedures and reports;c. Ensure that TG finances are administered in a manner that encourages:i. Sound financial management and an effective system of internal controls;ii. Effective and...
Resource Producer: Tl’etinqox-T’in Government Office
Author(s): Tl’etinqox-t’in Government
6 years 1 month
2015 / Word
The purposes of this report are to:Create an economic awareness by exploring and defining the historical and current economic situation at Upper Similkameen Indian BandProvide an immediate framework for the pursuit and evaluation of potential economic ventures for USIBImplement a 5-year plan/timeframe for identified venturesDevelop a proposed corporate governance strategy to ensure economic...
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): First Nation Management Solutions
6 years 2 months
2014 / PDF
Building off the direction established in Phase I, Phase II will focus on the development of a Comprehensive Strategic Framework & Implementation Strategy to guide the use, development, and management of WMFN’s.To develop the Framework and Strategy, WMFN will assess the community within the context of the eight (8) core CCP areas, develop a vision and goals for each, and identify clear action...
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): West Moberly First Nation