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6 years 8 months
2013 / PDF
This document can be used as a template, it provides policies and guidance assisting employees and Council in fulfilling financial responsibilities and in creating higher accountability and transparency entitled to Members.
Resource Producer: Stz'uminus First Nation
1 year 1 month
2019 /
The purpose of the Constitution development committee is still work to advance the development and completion of a citizen defined constitution. 
1 year 1 month
2019 /
This policy has been developed to create both transparency and understanding of the food fishery distribution process for Klahoose administrators and members. The processes, responsibilities and penalties of food fish are explained in this document. Every individual receiving food fish should familiarize themselves with the policy. 
1 year 1 month
2019 /
These resources provide a governance how-to guide and a summary of Nisga’a Nation and Nisga’a Village of Gitwinksihlkw acts. It includes a summation of the Governance Community Consultation Workshop held at the Crest Hotel, Prince Rupert, BC on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. There were nineteen participants in the Consultation Workshop that included the Chief Councillor and five Council members,...
1 year 11 months
2018 / Word doc
Who and what FMB is along with links to their website and resource tools,
Resource Producer: First Nations Financial Management Board
2 years 1 week
2018 / PDF
Updated Iskut Custom Election Code and ensured election regulations work for community’s needs.
Resource Producer: Iskut First Nation
Author(s): Iskut First Nation
2 years 2 weeks
2016 / Word doc
Project Summary: Community planning and engagement
Resource Producer: Tsay Keh Dene Band
Author(s): Tsay Keh Dene Band
2 years 2 weeks
2017 / Word doc
Developed set of policies and procedures to address issues on band-owned lands, CP lands and Leasehold lands
Resource Producer: Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band
Author(s): Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band
2 years 2 weeks
2018 / PDF
Communication strategies for the Burns Lake Indian Band when working with Council, staff, members, and the general public.
Resource Producer: Burns Lake Band
Author(s): Burns Lake Band
2 years 1 month
2018 / Word doc
All documentation of the LFN process of Constitution Planning with Elders and Family Representatives.
Resource Producer: Leq’a:mel First Nation
Author(s): Leq’a:mel First Nation