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2015 / Word
The Tsal’alh Government (Chief and Council) is responsible for effectively leading and governing the Tsal’alh community.  Building upon both the Tsal’alh Government Strategic Plan,dated Jan 17, 2014, and the Tsal’alhmec St’át’imc Nt’akmenlhkálha Plan (Comprehensive Community Plan) Findings, dated March 2015 this plan, updated on May 25-26, 2015, represents the will of Tsal’alhmec realized through...
Resource Producer: Seton Lake Band
3 years 4 months
2014 / PDF
This Financial Policy is designed to:a. Regulate the receipt, management and expenditure of TG funds;b. Provide all TG employees with direction and guidance in connection with TG accounting transactions, procedures and reports;c. Ensure that TG finances are administered in a manner that encourages:i. Sound financial management and an effective system of internal controls;ii. Effective and...
Resource Producer: Tl’etinqox-T’in Government Office
Author(s): Tl’etinqox-t’in Government
3 years 7 months
2014 / PDF
The following Tsain-Ko Development Corporation’s (the “Corporation”) Board of Directors (“Board”) mandate and Corporate Governance Guidelines were approved by the Board. These Guidelines, along with any Terms of Reference for Board Committees and the Corporation’s Board Policies provides the framework for the Corporation’s governance.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
Author(s): Tsain-Ko Development Corporation
3 years 9 months
2014 / PDF
In this article, I examine how the process of Indigenous participation in policy-making pertaining to the development of federal sport policy in Canada is connected to Indigenous forms of self-determination. By conducting semi-structured interviews with six Indigenous sport policy-makers, I investigate how their respective thoughts, experiences, and actions shape their perspective on self-...
Author(s): Braden P. Te Hiwi, The University of Western Ontario
3 years 9 months
2014 / PDF
Questions of data governance occur in all contexts. Arguably, they become especially pressing for data concerning Indigenous people. Long-standing colonial relationships, experiences of vulnerability to decisionmakers, claims of jurisdiction, and concerns about collective privacy become significant in considering how and by whom data concerning Indigenous people should be governed. Also...
Author(s): Jodi Bruhn, Stratéjuste Consulting
3 years 9 months
2004 / PDF
A Paperless trial is theoretically possible
Author(s): Murray W. Browne
3 years 9 months
2012 / Video
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): National Centre for First Nations Governance
3 years 9 months
2008 / PDF
This paper will focus on the human resources challenges that face First Nations communities and their governments in rebuilding their capacity for good governance and in meeting their sovereign obligations. The vision that First Nations people see where they are self-sufficient, autonomous and significant contributors to society requires a paradigm shift for the federal government in its Indian...
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): Richard Missens
3 years 9 months
2015 / PDF
In order to redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission makes the following calls to action...
Author(s): The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
3 years 10 months
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Chawathil First Nation has developed a Zoning Bylaw for Chawathil reserve lands including specific regulations and permitted uses for each of the zones.
Resource Producer: Chawathil First Nation