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This article is about constitutionalism as an Indigenous tradition. The political idea of constitutionalism is the idea that the process of governing is itself governed by a set of foundational laws or rules. There is ample evidence that Indigenous nations in North America—and in Australia and New Zealand as well—were in this sense constitutionalists.
Author(s): Stephen Cornell, University of Arizona
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Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): National Centre for First Nations Governance
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A document explaining various terminology of the Community Government Position Valuation Committee
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Leadership Strategy .pdf
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
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The intention of the “Esquimalt Nation Treaty Definition and Traditional Government Structure” project is to gather and share information that will enable the Esquimalt Nation to define the Spirit and Intent of the treaty signed by representatives of the Xwsepsum (Kosapsum) families on April 30, 1850.
Resource Producer: Esquimalt Nation
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Over the months from September, 2008 to March, 2009, individuals and families within the T’it’q’et community have held numerous meetings to review the P'egp'ig7hla governance structure, the engagement families and community members in the governance structure, and the relationship between the traditional families and the P'egp'ig7hla (traditional) Council which is part of the governance structure...