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4 years 3 weeks
2016 / PDF
The Corporation Financial Policy and Procedure Manual provides the policies and procedures for finance transactions within the business which must be followed by all employees. It also provides guidelines the Corporation will use to administer these policies, with the correct procedure to follow.
Resource Producer: Dease River First Nation
Author(s): Tracy Thomas
4 years 10 months
2014 / PDF
The purpose of this toolkit is to support and to strengthen the work of funders in the implementation of the Declaration. The Toolkit seeks to elaborate ways funders can engage respectfully and positively with Indigenous Peoples within the context of the Declaration. It is designed to provide funders with guidance on how to include the implementation of the Declaration in the grantmaking...
Author(s): Curtis Kline
4 years 11 months
2013 / Website
These five pillars of effective governance blend the traditional values of our respective Nations with the modern realities of self-governance. NCFNG uses the principles behind these five pillars to develop and deliver tools and services to assist in rebuilding First Nations. The Centre believes that all First Nations have the ability to enact all or some of these principles no matter where they...
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): National Centre for First Nations Governance
6 years 6 months
2010 /
Leadership Strategy .pdf
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
6 years 6 months
2010 / PDF
The Governance Policies of Skawahlook First Nation (SFN) are outlined within this manual. They provide the foundation and determine the process for all governancerelated issues and actions.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
6 years 6 months
2012 / PDF
Tlowitsis' Final Report deliverables for the 2011/2012 New Relationship Trust Capacity Initiative: Appendix B - Lands Curriculum Development & Delivery and Land Selection Consultation Report; Appendix C - Ground-Truthing Report; Appendix D - Project Evaluation Report.
Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust
6 years 6 months
2010 /
The Governance Best Practices Report profiles best practices in each of the Governance Centre’s seventeen principles of effective governance. The practices are drawn from the experience of First Nations, tribes and aboriginal organizations across Canada andin the United States. Each report profiles actual practices being followed.These reports provide a brief snapshot of strategies, techniques,...
6 years 6 months
2011 /
Building Effective Partnerships Guide: BCNPHA has prepared its Building Effective Partnerships guide to assist non-profit, governmental, and for-profit organizations to build the foundations for successful partnerships. Click here to download the guide
Author(s): BCNPHA
7 years 1 month
2013 / Word, PDF
This Governance Orientation Kit is intended to help elected officials of the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council (NSTC) communities better understand their governance duties, responsibilities and authorities at the community level and beyond.It was developed with input from elected officials and Band Administrators and is meant to be especially useful for newly elected representatives who may be...
Resource Producer: Northern Shuswap Tribal Council