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5 years 1 month
2012 /
This manual is intended to outline the  Education Department’s financial and education service supports offered to eligible learners preparing to enroll, or currently enrolled, in post-secondary education.The creation of this document was funded by the New Relationship Trust. This document can be used as a template for other communities to use and customize to fit their needs.
Resource Producer: Sekw'el'was (Cayoose Creek Band)
5 years 5 months
2013 / PDF
Communities can use this resources to examine the Lower Kootenay First Nation's approach to developing a Chief and Councilmanual and gain knowledge that will inform the development of their own manual for Chief and Council.Document excerpt: "This Manual will orient Council members to, and describe their appropriate governance role, responsibilities and activities."
Resource Producer: Lower Kootenay First Nation
5 years 5 months
2013 / PDF
This policy can be used as a template by communities in developing thier own policies relating to Chief and Council. The spirit and intent of this document is to provide fair, accountable and transparent practices by Chief and Council.
5 years 5 months
2013 /
This policy can be used as a template, by communities or organizations to provide employees with a resource of information about policies and procedures related to the workplace.
Resource Producer: Stz'uminus First Nation
5 years 5 months
2013 / PDF
This document can be used as a template, it provides policies and guidance assisting employees and Council in fulfilling financial responsibilities and in creating higher accountability and transparency entitled to Members.
Resource Producer: Stz'uminus First Nation
1 month 2 weeks
2018 /
The Tahltan Nation has accomplished a great deal to protect sacred lands and resources and to negotiate important benefits from resource development in the territory. In April 2015, recognizing cooperative governance is the foundation of effective decision-making and management of the lands and benefits that flow from them, the Tahltan Band Council, Iskut Band Council and Tahltan Central...
Resource Producer: Tahltan Band
8 months 1 week
2018 / Word doc
Who and what FMB is along with links to their website and resource tools,
Resource Producer: First Nations Financial Management Board
8 months 3 weeks
2018 / PDF
Updated Iskut Custom Election Code and ensured election regulations work for community’s needs.
Resource Producer: Iskut First Nation
Author(s): Iskut First Nation
9 months 1 week
2016 / Word doc
Project Summary: Community planning and engagement
Resource Producer: Tsay Keh Dene Band
Author(s): Tsay Keh Dene Band
9 months 1 week
2016 / PDF
Project Summary: Engage membership to the pros and cons of adopting a Land Code by utilizing best practices of Comprehensive Community Planning communications strategies.
Resource Producer: Neskonlith Indian Band
Author(s): Neskonlith Indian Band