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2015 / PDF
Indigenous peoples are addressing the ongoing impacts of settler colonialism through a variety of expressions of community resurgence. Among these initiatives are those leveraging digital technologies. In the emergent network society, digital infrastructures, and information and communication technologies are powerful tools that can support self-government. In this context, we document the...
Author(s): Rob McMahon, University of Alberta, Tim LaHache, Kahnawà:ke Education Center, Tim Whiteduck, First Nations Education Council
5 years 5 months
2014 / PDF
This Financial Policy is designed to:a. Regulate the receipt, management and expenditure of TG funds;b. Provide all TG employees with direction and guidance in connection with TG accounting transactions, procedures and reports;c. Ensure that TG finances are administered in a manner that encourages:i. Sound financial management and an effective system of internal controls;ii. Effective and...
Resource Producer: Tl’etinqox-T’in Government Office
Author(s): Tl’etinqox-t’in Government
5 years 9 months
2005 / PDF
Employers today face potential liability from a number of fronts. For example, employers can be held liable for improperly hiring, firing, demoting or transferring employees. They can face sanctions for failing to comply with legislated minimums, such as wages, vacation time, and medical, disability and parental leaves. Employers may also be held responsible for the actions of their employees,...
Author(s): Eamon Murphy and Kathryn Deo, Woodward & Company
5 years 10 months
2015 / PDF
Media plays an integral role in (re)producing our social construction of reality. When viewed in light of Canada’s colonial legacy, media’s power has undoubtedly been implicated in circumscribing Indigenous peoples and Indigenous–settler relations. Employing a discourse analysis of mainstream media covering the recent (2011) implementation of a comprehensive land claims agreement in British...
Author(s): Vanessa Sloan Morgan Queen's University; Heather Castleden Queen's University
5 years 10 months
2008 / PDF
This paper will focus on the human resources challenges that face First Nations communities and their governments in rebuilding their capacity for good governance and in meeting their sovereign obligations. The vision that First Nations people see where they are self-sufficient, autonomous and significant contributors to society requires a paradigm shift for the federal government in its Indian...
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
Author(s): Richard Missens
5 years 10 months
2008 / PDF
“Capacity Building”. Everyone is talking about it. Sometimes it seems like it is the latest buzz word. Usually it is used in the context of “we need to build capacity”. Sometimes it is used as an excuse for inaction like “they don’t have the capacity”. Does capacity building unfairly target First Nations? Trying to define it seems like trying to pin Jell-O to the wall. And yet, the concept has...
Resource Producer: National Centre for First Nations Governance
5 years 11 months
2015 /
Since 1984, Xyntax Systems (pronounced Zin-tac), a division of Xyntax Group Inc., has been working with First Nation, Tribal Council, and band-empowered entities across Canada. As an aboriginal owned, Canadian software manufacturer, Xyntax offers a broad range of easy-to-use, integrated, financial management solutions; exclusively for First Nations. Over the past quarter century, Xyntax has...
7 years 2 months
2012 /
"The purpose of the rental housing program for the Moricetown Band is to provide band members with accommodation that meets health, safety and minimum property standards. This housing policy ensures that housing assistance is made available to band members in a fair and equitable manner and will benefit the community as a whole. "The creation of this document was funded by the New Relationship...
Resource Producer: Moricetown Band Office
7 years 4 months
2010 / Word
The compensation policy is designed to accomplish these objectives:Attract and retain qualified employeesRecognize and invest in positive employee performance and behavioursEnsure that the KNC remains aligned and in congruency with other like organizations' compensationDemonstrate the KNC's recognition that employees must believe that there is real or perceived fairness and equity in their...
Resource Producer: Ktunaxa Nation Council
7 years 5 months
2011 /
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Resource Producer: New Relationship Trust