Sq'ewa:lxw First Nation Fireworks Control Law, 2018

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Upon the advice of the Land Advisory Committee, Sq'ewa:lxw Chief and Council, has enacted the Sq'ewa:lxw Fireworks Control Law 2018. The purpose of the law is to promote safety and to protect Sq'ewa:lxw lands, members, occupants, buildings, and resources from potentially hazardous or disruptive use of fireworks. 

The law is applicable to all Sq'ewa:lxw lands including the whole area of the reserves (Skawahlook IR# 1 and Ruby Creek IR# 2), to all land held under certificate of possession, and to members and non-members. 

The Fireworks Control Law prohibits the use of fireworkds in such a place or in such a manner as might create danger or constitute a nuisance to any person or property. 

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