Sq'ewa:lxw First Nation Removal of Trespassers Law 2018

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Upon the advice of the Lands Advisory Committee, Sq'ewa:lxw Chief and Council, has enacted the Sq'ewa:lxw Removal of Trespassers Law 2018. 

In the process of implementing jurisdiction over our land, Sq'ewa:lxw is enacting land management laws and creating policies with which we will fashion the cummunity as envisioned by the people. 

The Law is applicable to the whole area of the Reserves, to all Band Land, and to all land held under certificate of possession. This law applies to a person who is not a band member or lawful resident of Sq'ewa:lxw Lands, or who has not been authorized by Council to be present or undertaking an activity. 

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